KULEANA expands in Hawai'i & Guam

KULEANA opened in eight theaters in Hawai'i and Guam on March 30th, posted strong opening weekend box office numbers, and expands this weekend to three additional locations on Oahu. It's been a pleasure working with Regal Cinemas on this roll-out, as they really seem to see the box office potential of local stories for the local market. 

If we can continue to post strong numbers, we'll begin discussions with Regal about opening the film in select mainland markets. Check Hawaii Cinema's website for where it's playing near you, as there are already many screenings on the calendar for the coming months via GathR's theater-on-demand platform. 

And don't forget, buy your tickets in ADVANCE

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KULEANA opens statewide on March 30th || screening on Mainland also

The indie feature KULEANA, which I produced and act in, opens statewide in Hawai'i on March 30th. This is the first locally-produced film to receive a statewide theatrical run in over a decade - so if you're on Maui, Oahu, Big Island or Kauai, please get out there and support the local talent that invested so much love and labor in realizing this story. You won't be disappointed! 

We've also partnered with Gathr for a theatrical-on-demand release in the continental US. You can check your local listings, or even sign-up to be a screening "captain", by going HERE

Kudos to writer/director Brian Kohne for his doggedness in taking the film this far! 

Check out the trailer HERE